I was born and raised in Queens, New York, proudly to immigrant parents who instilled in me a good work ethic, nurtured creativity in many areas, and taught me the universal values of continuing education and social responsibility. My sister was also my first and most lasting friend and supporter.

The New York City public school system afforded me a valuable education and sparked my interest in the still emerging business of broadcasting. It was also there that I met many of my best friends, who remain so to this day.

I received my degree in Communications and Business at St. John’s University when I joined ABC Broadcasting, marketing their flagship radio station, WPLJ. I continued there producing morning drive programming and moved to other stations in the New York City market for several broadcast companies. I developed my craft in radio production, voicing/characterizations, writing, and program production. I was asked to join Clear Channel, now iHeartRadio, marketing their flagship rock station Q104.3 and later spent almost a decade establishing satellite and emerging internet programming at SiriusXM Satellite Radio. 

Throughout those years I am fortunate to have worked with the best people, in any business, who have taught me a great deal that led me to thrive professionally. I am grateful for their continued education and friendship.

I've done many jobs in my time but remain excited by broadcasting, now through podcast and tubecasting, and will always love voicing and producing audio and video.

My wife is my joy and foundation and I could not be happier than to share my adventures and boredoms with this great person, her family, daughter, and son.

What's next? 

Albert Reinoso

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