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Albert   Reinoso

Over 35 years of broadcasting in New York City,
across the USA, and around the world.

Name this!

Naming rights are now up for grabs on my website, home and car. You can have the exclusive naming rights for those items, if the price is right.
I will put your name/logo on this website at the top of each page and refer to the site as “sponsor’s” If you get the rights for my car(s), I’ll put your logo on the back of the vehicle and refer to it as “my sponsor’s black Lexus.” I can also arrange larger logo’s with other placement, if the price is right. For my house, there will be no logo placement outside but the sponsor will have a logo placement as the first thing people see upon entry and the home will be referred to as “my sponsor’s house.”
Please note that there are sponsors that will not be considered. Who are they? If you’re interested in that info you can have the naming rights to “my sponsor’s naming rights that I won’t considered” and I’ll tell you.

Albert Reinoso

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