They make us laugh, cry, think, love, hate...and remember.

I love quotations because it is a joy to find thoughts one might have, beautifully expressed with much authority by someone recognized wiser than oneself. ~Marlene Dietrich

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My thoughts in words

Thank YOU

The brave act for others while facing danger to themselves.
The heroes are those who help others while facing danger to themselves.

I see medical professionals of all levels taking care of those who pose great risk to their safety. I see food service workers serving people who could cause them medical harm. I see retail associates stocking shelves with provisions necessary for us all, at risk to their own health. I see teachers taking care of the children of others putting the welfare of those kids ahead of their own safety. I see mechanics getting in cars of people they don’t know to service them properly.

For a long time I’ve said that anyone who acts to help others deserves thanks for doing their job, not just military personnel and first responders. That idea was not universally accepted. As a society, we ALL play a part in keeping each other safe, healthy, and prosperous. When one link in the chain fails, the chain collapses. Sadly, it has taken a national emergency to illustrate this. It’s now quite evident that so many people deserve our thanks for doing their job and being ever present “active responders."

To all the medical professionals, food service workers, retail associates, teachers, care workers, automotive technicians, public transport workers, journalists, pharmacists, sanitation workers, restroom cleaners, mortuary professionals, manufacturing plant workers, and ALL who serve this economy, even our elected officials…you are our brave, our heroes.

Say this often, to many people, and with a big smile. Thank YOU for your service!

Jury "Duty"

It’s always been a clear responsibility to appear for jury duty and serve as best as possible in making an impartial determination of outcome based on facts of the trial, when called.

As many of our once esteemed Senators have now personally illustrated that the oath of jurors is of no value, and an impartial decision is not necessary in the process, we can all be persuaded to appear at jury duty and truthfully say that we will not be impartial in judging our peers. After that, it is a foregone conclusion that we will not be selected to be a juror. At least WE didn’t lie about being “impartial.”

In fact, taking an oath has become merely a formality for many of our elected and government officials and should be eliminated. It's as much a fantasy as marriage "vows." If you break the law and get caught, indicted, and convicted, you pay the penalty. Oath schmoath.

The fetid stench of the Senatorially soiled American judicial process will not linger on those of us…who tell the truth, and live by the rule of law.

Lie, Cheat, Steal

I've always avoided lying and cheating because it is inherently immoral and makes me feel bad, but now that it's properly accepted by our government officials and media, I choose to still avoid it for the very same reasons.


Hats off to all of us who create the labor force of America on Labor Day. Bravo to California for a legislative step to protect workers of America, Perhaps the rest of the country, and even the federal government, will soon make similar moves for laborers who are increasingly being stripped of rights and protections by major U.S. companies.

As reported by Vox, California state senators on the appropriations committee voted for AB 5 — a controversial bill that would require companies to classify workers as employees, not independent contractors (with few exceptions). And despite an aggressive lobbying campaign, Uber and Lyft were not exempted.

If AB 5 passes the full Senate, it would essentially disrupt a business model championed and cherished by Silicon Valley. Uber, Lyft, and other gig companies that rely on hundreds of thousands of “independent contractors” to give rides, deliver food, and complete other tasks.

Reclassifying them as “employees” would change everything.

Gig workers would get labor protections and benefits that all employees get, such as unemployment insurance, health care subsidies, paid parental leave, overtime pay, workers’ compensation, paid rest breaks, and a guaranteed $12 minimum hourly wage. And, they would be able to unionize.

If you work at least five days a week for an employer, for at least 6 hours a day, you should NOT be considered part-time or a “contractor.” This shit has to stop, and maybe on THIS Labor Day workers of this “Great America” will start to show some muscle (remember strikes, and walkouts, and protests?), and corporate douchebags will realize why people don’t give a shit about the places they work.

Labor Day honors the American labor movement and the power of collective action by laborers, who are essential for the workings of society. Let US make sure that it's remembered for that. If not, perhaps soon there’ll be a celebrated "Business Day" on the first Monday in September. 


I saw a story on CNN about a Michigan high school building hiding spaces, to get away from active shooters. I searched and found out that the school is spending $48 million to renovate the school with curved hallways to limit a shooter's line of sight, barriers that can be used as cover, and a "shadow zone" that might prevent a shooter from spotting children hiding during a lockdown.

In an interview with The Washington Post, Matt Slage, an architect of the company (the firm also designs prisons) that reportedly pitched the school on the project (and they liked it?), explained how classrooms will come equipped with a "shadow zone" that would essentially make kids hiding during a lockdown invisible to a killer peering in. These shadows zones are large enough to hide an entire classroom full of kids out of sight, Fruitport High School Superintendent Bob Szymoniak said. Thanks for the info Bob – now the would be shooter knows exactly where to go to hunt their prey en masse. I don’t give Szymoniak all the credit for spoilers because plans of the design are also available on the internet (HUH? YUP!). As Bob Geldof famously said, “the lesson today is how to die.”

$48 million for this!!! This money is better spent on…on education! Spend it on an education system that is lacking in funds to pay teachers, lacking money for proper school supplies and repairs, without money to pay for after school programs and other social programs that might teach the next generation that it’s NOT right to kill people, rather than teaching them to…HIDE!

Is this the new normal? This is NEVER normal. Is this the best way that a now so-called “Great America” can deal with mass shootings, how we “Keep America Great?” If New Hampshire builds similar schools they can change their state motto from “Live Free or Die” to, “Live…Flee or Die.”

Shame on us, and shame on those who looked at this post and passed it by because it’s about people being killed again. The biggest cowards, however, are our legislators who will not (not cannot) take any measures to prevent this slaughter. They hide from their responsibility to US, to keep US safe so we don’t have to hide from the maniacs who kill with euphoria. Where are the legislators who are NOT scared and band together to do something? I don’t believe they exist, and I don’t believe anything will be done to stop this, and I believe it will happen again, and often.

But I also believe that these legislators will be voted out of “Great America” government and new ones with the balls to legislate change will be elected. They will get my marching feet, my screams at live protests, and my votes. And when enough of us march, and scream, and vote for better representation, the “Land of the fear, and the home of the bereaved” will once again become the “Land of the free, and the home of the brave.”

The Postal Service

If you don't like it...

We are Americans. When we don't agree with something, we don't leave. We keep working, and we work to change it. It's what Trump/Pence did. It's what Obama/Biden, Bush/Cheney, and Clinton/Gore did. It's what every Senator and Congressperson runs and is elected to do, an it's what all of us, as citizens, live HERE to do. To be sure, it's what the successors to this administration will do. If YOU don't like it, change it. 

On Sociality...

In school we learned social studies, the way people live around the world.

In our pockets we use social media, to connect with others.
People attend local socials or social gatherings, festive gathering to foster introductions.

During the last century, social justice activists fought against racism, sexism, unjust wars, and unfair labor practices.
We all contribute to social security, as a way for citizens to be taken care of when they get older and stop working, so we all have something to fall back on when there is little or no other income available.

Socialism is defined as “a range of economic and social systems characterized by social ownership and democratic control of the means of production as well as the political theories and movements associated with them.” What America wants is not social ownership but social responsibility, the ability of our government to administer responsible programs to care for the people who support it, with our taxes and our votes.

What America wants and deserves is Sociality. Sociality is “the degree to which individuals in an animal population tend to associate in social groups and form cooperative societies.” We all associate as Americans and it’s time we refine our cooperative society, to take care of each other. Our representative government has a responsibility to take care of our underemployed, our underpaid, our underfed, our sick who can’t afford to get well, our security against predators of our citizenry, our undereducated, our freedoms, and our resources. What America needs to own is cooperative responsibility, and it is our elected government which has that responsibility. If we can’t do that, we’re no better than any other animal that doesn’t use reason, lacks compassion, and exists only to stay alive at any cost. I think America is, we the people are, far better than that.

I don’t support socialism, but I do support sociality. I believe we have the ability and duty to balance capitalism with sociality. Companies that say they want to give back to society should do so, not with a pittance of their spoils going to a branded charity, but with governance that directs a portion of profits to go directly to America’s well-being. As proud American businesses their governance should require that profits that go to CEO’s and investors should be proportionate to an amount that they proudly invest to sociality programs, or which fund social programs for all American citizens. Americans take care of American companies, and it is incumbent on American companies to take care of Americans. Responsible capitalists ought to be accountable to the people that allow them to exist and prosper. Respect for America ought to be based on respect for American sociality.

Philosophy, religion, joke...

Ricky Gervais has told this joke repeatedly, and always claimed he didn't write it but loves it's intensity and depth as an atheist. I heard it when Gervais was a guest on Jerry Seinfeld's "Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee." It is well crafted.

A holocaust Survivor dies and goes to heaven. He meets God, and he tells God a holocaust joke. God says, "That's not funny." He says, "I guess you had to be there."

Do you know...

  • La scarpetta means "the little shoe" in Italian, and fare la scarpetta means "make the little shoe." This phrase refers to the little piece of bread (la scarpetta) that one uses to mop up a savory sauce left on the plate after a great dish. So, the next time you finish your hearty meal, fare la scarpetta!
  • In the 1956 Cecil B. DeMille movie “The Ten Commandments” starring Charlton Heston, Edward G. Robinson, who plays Dathan, is often quoted as saying, "Where's your messiah now?" The character never says this and there’s not even a mention of a messiah in the movie. Heston’s character, Moses, is often called the “Deliverer,” and the closest Robinson gets to such a quote is after the Jewish people are told they have to make bricks without stone when Dathan says, “There goes your Deliverer.” The “messiah” line was made popular by Billy Crystal in a 1985 comedy sketch he did on his album “Mahvelous.”
Ten Commandments script

Here are some of my favorite quotes.

  • Love. - The Prophets
  • If there is something to desire, there will be something to regret. If there is something to regret, there will be something to recall. If there is something to recall, there was nothing to regret. If there was nothing to regret, there was nothing to desire. - Vera Pavlova
  • The richest person in the world is not the one who has the most but the person who needs the least - Proverb
  • The purpose of our lives is to be happy. - Tenzin Gyatso, 14th Dalai Lama
  • If you have fear of some pain or suffering, you should examine whether there is anything you can do about it. If you can, there is no need to worry about it; if you cannot do anything, then there is also no need to worry. - Tenzin Gyatso, 14th Dalai Lama
  • Whether one believes in a religion or not, and whether one believes in rebirth or not, there isn't anyone who doesn't appreciate kindness and compassion. - Tenzin Gyatso, 14th Dalai Lama
  • Always give your best, never get discouraged, never be petty; always remember, others may hate you, but those who hate you don't win unless you hate them, and then you destroy yourself. - Richard Nixon
  • With mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come. - William Shakespeare through Gratiano, "Merchant of Venice"
  • Work is not life - it's what gets in the way of living. - Michael P. Kube-McDowell through Janell Sujata, "Empery"
  • Girls just wanna have fun. - Cyndi Lauper
  • Boys don't cry. - The Cure
  • The heart wants what it wants. - Woody Allen
  • Goodness trumps greatness any day. - O. S. Card through Theresa Wiggin, "Ender in Exile"
  • Fully half the things I know, I haven't even thought of yet. - Anonymous
  • The bruise will be enormous! - Yermolai Alexeevich Lopakhin from Chekhov's “The Cherry Orchard”
  • The only thing that keeps me alive is the hope of dying young. – Brother Theodore
  • I need you more than want you; And I want you for all time. - Jimmy Webb, “Wichita Lineman”
  • If you think it's expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur. - Red Adair
  • The final truth is - there is no truth! - God, via Bob Geldoff - Boomtown Rats' ,"Nice 'n' Neat"
  • I cannot tell you this enough....you are such a special person to me and I cherish every moment that I am with you. I cannot wait until it's just you and me every day with nothing else to do but enjoy being together. I love you. - L. Fleishman
  • Thanksgiving dinner, a few years ago, each in turn thanked God for food. I thanked scientists for improved farming. Got booed - Neil deGrasse Tyson
  • ...anyone who lives long enough must be pleased with himself. - Rex Stout via Alfred Bester, Holiday interview, 1967
  • The silliest question a man can ask is, "Does life have a meaning?" And if there is an answer it's no good because it's like fingerprints; no two answers are alike.- Rex Stout, via Alfred Bester, Holiday interview 1967
  • ...the important ingredient in the artist is not the talent, technique, genius or luck - the important ingredient is himself. - Alfred Bester (University of Chicago, 2/22/57)
  • You do ill if you praise, but worse if you censure, what you do not understand. - Leonardo da Vinci
  • I think that's the single best piece of advice: constantly think about how you could be doing things better and questioning yourself. - Elon Musk
  • Never lend books, for no one ever returns them; the only books I have in my library are books that other people have lent me. - Anatole France
  • Quot capita tot sensus - There are as many opinions as there are heads. – Terence
  • Down there between our legs, it's like an entertainment complex in the middle of a sewage system. - Neil deGrasse Tyson, from "Space Chronicles"
  • If you go home with somebody, and they don't have books, don't fuck 'em! - John Waters
  • If some cunt can fuck something up, that cunt will pick the worst possible time to fucking fuck it up 'cause that cunt's a cunt. - Tucker's Law, Malcolm Tucker, "The Thick Of It"
  • Don't walk behind me; I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend. - Albert Camus
  • I don't really appreciate people. The ones that I care about are unreliable. I no longer believe in human nature. The human race no longer interests me. I don't care any more about the environment. People deserve to die out. I'll be content when all the tigers, rhinos and elephants have become extinct, then they'll no longer be persecuted. Humanity deserves nothing more than to go up in smoke. - Morrissey
  • The trick is to know which books to read. - Carl Sagan, "Cosmos"
  • If your sentence contains the word "hope" then you've confessed no control over the outcome you're hoping for. - Neil deGrasse Tyson
  • The purpose of education is not to validate ignorance but to overcome it. - Lawrence M. Krauss
  • You couldn't be here if stars hadn't exploded. Because the elements, the carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, iron, all the things that matter for evolution weren't created at the beginning of time. They were created in the nuclear furnaces of stars. And the only way they could get into your body is if the stars were kind enough to explode. So forget Jesus. The stars died so that you could be here today. - Lawrence M. Krauss
  • When you can't, it makes you can. When you aren't, it makes you am. - Wire, "Ambitious"
  • It is better to debate a question without settling it than to settle a question without debating it. - Joseph Joubert
  • For me, to fail is only to change the way. - Alejandro Jodorowsky, "Jodorowsky's Dune"
  • The highest use of capital is not to make more money, but to make money do more for the betterment of life. - Henry Ford
  • As long as the general population is passive, apathetic, diverted to consumerism or hatred of the vulnerable, then the powerful can do as they please, and those who survive will be left to contemplate the outcome. – Noam Chomsky
  • I am not a client, a customer, nor a service user. I am not a shirker, a scrounger, a beggar nor a thief. I am not a national insurance number, nor a blip on a screen. I paid my dues, never a penny short, and was proud to do so. I don’t tug the forelock but look my neighbour in the eye. I don’t accept or seek charity. My name is Daniel Blake, I am a man, not a dog. As such I demand my rights. I demand you treat me with respect. I, Daniel Blake, am a citizen, nothing more, nothing less. Thank you. - Daniel Blake, “I, Daniel Blake”
  • 'Let me help.' A hundred years or so from now, I believe, a famous novelist will write a classic using that theme. He'll recommend those three words even over 'I love you.' - James Kirk to Edith Keeler from "City on the Edge of Forever" and accredited to future Nobel prize winner Bonner the Stochastic
  • There is no point in trying to explain the right thing to the wrong people – Volker, “The Misandrists”
  • Blessed be the Goddess of all worlds that has not made me a man. – Big Mother, “The Misandrists”
  • Q - Why does a fart follow you for so long after walking away from it? It seems to get stronger. A - If you ripped one and it is still with you, and you say that it is getting stronger, I would say that you shit your pants, so don't sit down on a chair. - From Yahoo Answers, answered by Gumbo
  • My stepfather has had a significant influence on me. His beliefs, views and ideas on life have influenced me and have made me change my outlook on life. His kindness and generosity towards others, and his willingness to explore new things in life inspire me to do the same. He also inspired me to be a more positive person. – J. Fleishman
  • It's better, and it's right to do something that's better. - James Dyson
  • I do one thing at a time, I do it very well, and then I move on. -  Charles Emerson Winchester III, M*A*S*H, "Fade Out, Fade In"
  • There are three classes of people: those who see, those who see when they are shown, those who do not see. - Leonardo da Vinci
  • Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then is heard no more: it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.- Macbeth-Act 5, Scene 5, William Shakespeare
  • I work as hard as I need to, to play as hard as I want to. - Bob Paquette
  • The jobs you turn down define you as much as those you accept. - Alex Bennett
  • Nature is cruel, but we don't have to be. - Temple Grandin, The Way I See It: A Personal Look at Autism & Asperger's
  • What could be more arrogant than praying to the God who didn't stop the Holocaust, thinking he'll help you find your car keys. - Ricky Gervais, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee
  • If you want to get laid, go to college. If you want an education, go to the library. - Frank Zappa
  • Self-education is, I firmly believe, the only kind of education there is. - Isaac Asimov
  • Education isn't something you can finish. - Isaac Asimov
  • Okay. In a few words please tell us why you're calling so we can better assist you. - Fidelity Investments phone prompt
  • The evil is always and everywhere. - "Banküberfall," Erste Allgemeine Verunsicherung 
  • All of humanity's problems stem from man's inability to sit quietly in a room alone. - Blaise Pascal

Here are some of my quotes.

  • The sexiest part of a woman is her smile. - AR
  • There are no undisciplined children only undisciplined parents. - AR
  • Whether the glass is half full or half empty depends on what’s in the glass. - AR
  • Don’t cry for what’s not, smile for what is. - AR
  • Can’t is what weak or lazy people say when they mean won’t. - AR
  • Truth is only what one believes. - AR
  • The only thing separating U and I is 11 letters...I-U. - AR (with inspiration by LS)
  • Hopes and dreams and wishes and prayers are the human way of rationalizing “wants.” - AR
  • Radio is the lowest form of all media; talk radio is the lowest form of radio. - AR
  • The proof that people DO change is the high divorce rate. - AR
  • It’s harder to be “somebody” once than “nobody” always. - AR
  • Remembering the good times is the best revenge. - AR
  • Even without mass, there's no stronger bond in the universe than people who love each other, and no more explosive or destructive force than when that love expires. - AR
  • Responsibility is useful, blame is useless. - AR
  • The only thing constant in this universe is change. - AR
  • The best measure of love is not how we feel when we're with someone but also when we have no contact. - AR
  • Living well is the best reward, vengeance is hollow. - AR
  • Whether sweet or sour, it's always bad for people to smell you before they see you. - AR
  • It's better the second time around...well, at least for leftovers. - AR
  • In business, it's easier to ask forgiveness rather than permission. In love, it's the last thing you'll do. - AR
  • It is best to have loved and lost and found, than to have loved and lost, or never to have loved at all. - AR
  • Pride is the slayer of happiness, humility its champion. - AR
  • You played me like a fiddle and I was sad and ashamed. Had you played me like a Stradivarius I would be ecstatic and proud. - AR
  • We live in a society of selfish savages. - AR
  • In time you'll realize that the bad times are not as bad as they seemed when you lived them and the good times were much better. - (inspired by Kato)
  • Chivalry IS dead. For it cannot live without too the life of the virtuous maiden, a life which exists only in fairy tales. - AR
  • It takes two to tango and three to double Dutch. - AR
  • People are starving in the world and other people are screaming about people who are starving in the world. - AR
  • I gave her attention, she gave me a deficit disorder. - AR
  • Human monogamy is a myth born of a greater myth, religion. - AR
  • Heaven hath no tranquility like that of a man divorced from the hellish fury of a woman scorned. - AR
  • It is human nature to have contempt for those who declare their entitlement. - AR
  • If you like to eat cake and insist on having your cake and eating it too, get two cakes. - AR
  • There are no irreconcilable differences, only similarities of stubbornness and arrogance. - AR
  • Boredom is fear at rest. - AR
  • I read it somewhere in a book that I wrote. - AR
  • Do you have and Assbook page? - AR (when asked "Do you have a Facebook page?")
  • Hubris is the word arrogant people use to describe arrogance. - AR
  • You can deny me, refuse me and take anything you can from me but you can never take away my love for you. - AR
  • Like a clown, those who complain and do nothing are laughable and sad. - AR
  • Want little, expect less, and love all. - AR
  • The idea of suicide is kept in check by the fact that things can always get worse. - AR
  • Your legacy is not what you have done or say you have done, but what others say you have done. - AR
  • "Ism's" are enhanced by putting selections of race and sex and other affiliations on forms like taxes and employment applications.
  • I tirelessly seek, and occasionally find, a reality as vivid and happy as the wonder filled escape and romance of my books and sleeping dreams. - AR
  • If not for love, I wouldn't know heartache. If not for heartache, I wouldn't know true love. - AR
  • The solution to societal problems is to legislate regulations and penalties, and enforce them. - AR
  • Religion destroys love. - AR
  • When I'm sober, I think about her all the time. When I'm intoxicated, I think about her even more. - AR
  • It will pass or it will destroy you - AR
  • Alcohol, inevitably helps make enemies of everyone; Vicodin helps make friends of enemies, loves of friends, and god of loves. - AR
  • I LOVE YOU. - AR
  • I think, therefore I'm right. - AR
  • There is a test for citizenship but there is no test for patriotism.- AR
  • As cold is not the "opposite" of warmth but the lack of it, so hate is not the opposite of love but the lack of it. - AR
  • Though they all have two good "i"'s, OPINIONS often suffer from lack of clarity or vision.- AR
  • Shyness wastes good people. - AR
  • Friends are the source of life's greatest disappointments. - AR
  • The measure of a satisfying and fulfilled life is the amount of smiling one does. I continue to lead an increasingly fulfilled life. - AR
  • God is the solution to humanity's unsolved scientific problems. - AR
  • Pure happiness is ethically just and morally true. The question will always be, “Life?” Love is the answer. - AR
  • It's when I'm having fun without you that I'm most sad. - AR
  • Don't be so afraid of the dark but of the cold. - AR
  • She’s plumpy but has a very pretty face, perfect for bukakke. - AR
  • Don't tell me what you can't do, show me what you can do. - AR
  • The difference between a hasty choice and a quick decision is intelligence - AR
  • Those who are miserable are destined to longevity while we who are happy live lives that are too short. - AR
  • Can God annihilate atheists? - AR
  • The helpless can't be helped. - AR
  • The immovable certainty of youth is the balancing force to the shifting wisdom of age. - AR
  • Most people don't realize the insignificance of their importance, in the scope of Everything. - AR
  • My boss asked me for my Facebook password but since I'm not on Facebook I gave him my passwords to several hardcore porn sites I'm subscribed to.- AR
  • Now that everybody is thinking out of the box, I'm jumping in it, all alone, and doing things simply and quickly and with great results. - AR
  • I'd like to be remembered for destroying all record of human existence. - AR
  • Even the picture of health will deteriorate over time. - AR
  • If no one remembers you when you die, did you make a sound? - AR
  • Of all the things to which humanity has said, “We will never forget,” ironically, we’ll never know those that have been forgotten. - AR
  • You CAN yell “FIRE!” in a crowded theater...when there’s a fire. - AR
  • I would rather watch the food burn while you smile, then have the best meal ever that you agonized over. - AR
  • Fate = Destiny = Human ignorance, insecurity, rationalization and ego. - AR
  • Those who are the instruments of sadness cannot know happiness. - AR
  • At times when I question the existence of happiness, I am reassured by the happiness of existence. - AR
  • That you are is all you really have; take away possessions, desires, feelings, beliefs, freedom, instincts...and ALL you really have is existence. - AR
  • As the title and cover are part of the book, its judgment is not only expected but justified and legitimate. - AR
  • If I'm not worth retaining, you're not worth working for. - AR
  • St. Francis of Assisi is a Legend. The immaculate conception is a Myth. The serpent tempting Eve is a Fable. God is a Fantasy. - AR
  • There is no "right" girl, so I might as well be with you. Happy Valentine's Day - AR
  • You want tenderness? Buy a meat mallet. Happy Valentine's Day - AR
  • Happiness is greatly overrated. - AR
  • Facebook is for people who have nothing to say and need a place to say it. Twitter is a place for those who have even less to say. - AR
  • If it wasn't for twits, they wouldn't have called it Twitter. - AR
  • There will be a time in the not too distant future when the United States flag will be flown at half staff every day. - AR
  • A sound investment is in businesses that design and make memorials. - AR
  • Humanity will be extinct by the Western year 2600. - AR
  • The older we get the less important it is to BE accepted than to GIVE acceptance. - AR
  • By attempting to diminish others, you only diminish yourself. - AR
  • A fool is only re-elected by fools, and that vote can rarely be overturned. -AR
  • So many have so much to say while so few have so little interest in it. - AR
  • The biggest industries of the future will be entertainment and terror. - AR
  • If it doesn't have a logo, it's not legitimate. - AR
  • Anyone who is lazy is stupid by default. - AR
  • Eliminate a community's aggressive weapons and you'll learn what kind of society it is. - AR
  • Always answer "yes" when someone asks you if "you want cheese on that?" - AR
  • If you're invited, go. - AR
  • Ignorance + Arrogance + Selfishnes = Prayer - AR
  • A hero is a person who does a very stupid thing with very successful results. - AR
  • There are no dumb questions, only dumb people who ask them. - AR
  • Convenience is the best friend of mediocrity. - AR
  • Life is what happens. - AR
  • "Kooks" with ridiculous, grandiose ideas change the world in the most fantastic ways. - AR
  • Being out of work is not a "rainy day." Not being able to work is. - AR
  • The only thing that makes life worthwhile is exploring how purposeless it is. - AR
  • It isn't a DIS-function if 40 MILLION men can't get an erection. - AR
  • America has more respect and care for memorials and monuments than for mortal men. - AR
  • What about the second, third, fourth, or dare I ask, even fifth responders? - AR
  • More interesting than the inkblots of the Rorschach test is how the person is holding the cards. - AR
  • A one trick pony has a lazy trainer. - AR
  • Little attention is required to maintain a friendship, no attention is required to dissolve one - AR
  • If the mind/soul/spirit doesn't need a body in the next life, why does it need one in this life? - AR
  • The Big Bang happened when the universe realized it was so hot and so cool at the same time that it blew its own mind! - AR
  • If one person in a relationship doesn't make the other person laugh, until they pee, the relationship is doomed. - AR
  • Most people don't like me, until they get to know me...and then they like me even less. - AR
  • I've been banned for life by the NAB - National Association of Broadcasters! - AR (after L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling was banned from the NBA for life.)
  • Get off your ass and join me on my high horse. - AR
  • If humans didn't hate, what we we do with most of our day? - AR
  • It's not a just cause if it doesn't have a slogan. - AR
  • I alone decide how to waste my time. - AR
  • In an infinite universe, we cannot be counted, just recognized. - AR
  • There is, no beginning, no end. There just IS. There is, no answer to the question, "Why?" There just IS. - AR
  • The only things that matter in life are family, kindness and...uhmmm, uhhh, oh it doesn't matter. - AR
  • I consider “paying into the system” as throwing my money away, by force, and expect NOTHING from it. I rely on ME. - AR
  • Heroes are like the truth; they are, if you believe they are. - AR
  • Take the opportunity to do things now, because later never comes. - AR
  • EVERYTHING in life is a coincidence. That's ALL life is, a series of coincidences. - AR
  • Death is the only way out, and everybody's leaving. - AR
  • Everyone who has an idea for a new business is a Ralph Kramden, until they become a Bill Gates. - AR
  • We who have no faith have nothing to lose. - AR
  • Dreamers are as plentiful as pennies in a pond. Doers are as beneficial as billions in the bank. - AR
  • Beware of the tortured braggart whose cry is the mantra, "My word is everything," for their word is as much a fraudulent lie as their signature. - AR
  • Quitters are losers who don't even give themselves the opportunity to lose. - AR
  • Any species that is consciously able to take responsibility for itself and other life is obliged to do so. - AR
  • The only reason one person is more important than another is that THEY think they are. - AR
  • Justice means getting the verdict that you like. - AR
  • A scumbag is an evil person; a douche-bag is a stupid person. - AR
  • What’s so special about being told you’re special when most people are? - AR
  • “The fullest extent of the law” is only as long as the money lasts for the lesser funded side. - AR
  • Because we have the ability to keep promises, humans are the most disappointing of all animals. - AR
  • More so than the truth, a desperate public will believe the most convincing lies. – AR
  • “It can’t be done” and “I can’t do it” are incomplete sentences until you add the word “yet” to the end. – AR
  • The weak place blame; the strong accept responsibility. – AR
  • To know when you are wrong is to be right. – AR
  • Organization is the difference between being a collector and being a hoarder. – AR
  • For people we don’t care for we ask how they died. For people we care greatly for we tell how they lived. - AR
  • “No place to go” is no place to be. – AR
  • Anyone who’s done an indecent thing to someone else can never have been considered a decent person. – AR
  • How one died is not important but how one lived is. – AR
  • If a tree falls in the woods and crushes and kills someone below it, did it make a sound? - AR
  • All people should have jobs. All governments should promote that.
  • All people should have health care. All governments should provide that. - AR
  • All people should be treated with respect and equality. All governments should defend that. - AR
  • We are a global economy, a global society, a global species. - AR
  • The President, of any and all nations, shouldn’t be saying “nation first” but should be saying “People First.” - AR
  • Earth would be God’s Etch A Sketch. – AR
  • To be human is to be a hypocrite. – AR
  • A dystopia with all humans being miserable, but equal, would be better than a society with humans hurting and killing each other. – AR
  • As long as we can read, “President Richard Nixon is a liar,” “President Bill Clinton is a liar,” “President Donald Trump is a liar,” we retain our liberty. – AR
  • The value of anything is based on the amount of interest in it. - AR
  • Faith is believing that just because you want something you will get it. - AR
  • There are no problems, only improvements. – AR
  • I'm not telling you to do it; I'm telling you to think about it. – AR
  • Nothing that isn't alive gives me as much pleasure as anything that is. - AR
  • What is the value of a life? – AR
  • Where there are no law-breakers there is no need for laws. – AR
  • Speak softly and have many good friends. - AR
  • Walls are designed to imprison people; walls are designed for people who are afraid of the world around them. America: Home of confined, Land of afraid. - AR
  • A "scumbag" is someone who does something bad and knows it, and a "douchebag" is someone who is too stupid to know they've done something bad. - AR
  • Nothing relieves the pressure of being in hot water like a soak in the hot tub. - AR
  • Budweiser?! Piss-water!!!...I'm a Miller man! - AR
  • Most days I feel like I'm driving you crazy; the other days I know that I am. - AR
  • The measure of a nation is not by its wealth, weapons, and fortifications but by its citizens and how they care for others, and care for their resources. - AR
  • The apex predator on earth is humans. The biggest threat to existing life on earth is white male humans. - AR
  • I honor “all responders.” I honor anyone who has ever helped others. I honor anyone who has ever said, “Let me help.” That sentiment does not come from being an American but is borne of humanity itself. - AR
  • Everything does not “happen for a reason.” Humans want to give reason to everything that happens. - AR
  • Fatsos are taking over the world, even in "healthy" New York City. - AR
  • I don't mind how hot or cold the water in the pool is, but I won't swim if it's too dry. - AR
  • There is no disinformation. There is only information; truth, and lies. Information that is not believed is often called disinformation, but there is only belief or disbelief of information. - AR
  • The Presidency is the apex level of the Peter Principle. - AR
  • If you're not helping others, you're not helping. - AR
  • Don't let your gated community or beautiful landscaping deceive you. Humanity has reached the point where it is irreversibly unsustainable. - AR
  • As long as you are here, so are those you love. - AR
  • I'd rather be alone than lonely - AR
  • I've got my own life to ruin. - AR
  • Enjoy more, complain less. - AR
  • Sentimentality thwarts villains; sentimentality bolsters saviors. - AR
  • Wasting money is as human as killing other humans. - AR
  • I've always avoided lying and cheating because it is inherently immoral and makes me feel bad, but now that it's properly accepted by our government officials and media I choose to still avoid it for the very same reasons. - AR
  • The perfect life lasts no more or less than a lifetime. - AR
  • Shame is the most toxic poison. - AR
  • If people stopped thinking about another life, or the next life, this world be a vastly better place. - AR
  • I'd prefer to be an anarchist but the nihilist in me won't condone it. - AR
  • Legislate, Enforce, Prosecute - A society can exist within the rule of law only if all three are done continually. - AR
  • Steps to becoming a great autocrat: 1 - Deny or lie, 2 - Sue and prolong suits, 3 - Attack opponents as evil. - AR
  • I am a proper anarchist, one who advocates the absence of government as a political ideal. - AR
  • Don't ever do anything I tell you. - AR
  • Without light, we are all blind, and we are all invisible. - AR
  • No person is lesser than you, and no one greater. - AR
  • I can't decide whether I look worse in the magnifying mirror or in the regular one. - AR
  • Democracy is a failed experiment probably because humanity is a failed experiment. - AR
  • He did too much thinking, just enough doing, and not enough loving. - AR (proposed epitaph)

Got a quote of your own that's unique?

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My Words to Learn By...

  • Words are not offensive, the intent of their use is.
  • Pay no attention to celebrity news and lives.
  • Always leave the door open, even in anger and despair.
  • An apology should be just that, with no explanations and no request for acceptance.
  • Forgiveness is the best way to calm and happiness even without getting apologies or reconciliation.
  • Answer yes/no questions with yes or no.
  • If you are ashamed and need to explain, don't lie. Explain what you can and withhold embarrasing details.
  • Cherish your family, learn from them, and about them.
  • Don't believe what you read or hear until you get it confirmed by opposing sources.
  • If they are suffering or dying, help them.
  • Accept and embrace change, with humility.
  • Whenever possible, consciously avoid usng the word "I."
  • Listen, think, respond.
  • If you get angry, wait. Go back the next day and the day after and address the situation when you are calm.
  • Enjoy treats occasionally, not often.
  • When you have the opportunity to use the bathroom, use it, even if you really don't need to pee.
  • Give more than you take.
  • If you use the last of anything, replace it in good time.
  • Let everyone else be served before you are, wait until everyone else is served before startin to eat, and leave the last piece for others.
  • Anything borrowed should be returned in better condition, if possible.
  • If you are treated to a meal, offer to pay the tip, but only twice.
  • Offer a tast of your meal to everyone before you've started eating.
  • Travel like you drive - while walking, biking, scootering, etc. - on the right side with slower traffic to the outer right and passing traffic on the left. Let people out before you enter, and don't block aisles with your body or stuff. 
  • Watch your surroundings and don't walk, drive or swin backwards without knowing if someone is there. Use directional signals whenever possible.
  • Government is not your friend but a structure for law and society.
  • Seek medical advice from medical professionals only, and only when you are in pain or discomfort, or bleeding.
  • Be sanitary. Wash your hands regularly and when necessary and don't leave a mess, especially in a toilet and kitchen. Sneeze into your inner elbow to cover from others.
  • Don't order more food than you will eat, and DON'T waste water.
  • Never offer to split the check in a group, unless you have the lowest price meal.
  • Blind Carbon Copy (bcc) people on multiple recipient texts and emails and avoid replying to all whenever possible.
  • Spend time with people who want your time, not people who need your time.
  • Every so often, just say "hi" to people you know, and people you don't.
  • Sing, dance, or play an instrument, but engage with your music some of the time.
  • Don't mock people who are enoying themselves.
  • Only share your media openly with people whom you are sure are OK with it.
  • Don't touch other people unless they say you can.
  • Don't be afraid to fart in front of the people you love. People who love you will feel the same way.
  • Don't rush to put your items on the cashier conveyor and place a divider at the end of your stuff.
  • For every 10 movies or TV series you watch, read a book, or at least a short story.
  • Acknowledge any kindness!
  • Give others your undivided attention, without personal devices in your hand or ear.
  • We are all normal, and we are all crazy.
  • Give extra courtesy and a smile to those who are rude to you.
  • Spend no more than 30 minutes a day on all social media. The rest of the time, talk with people directly.
  • Provide specifics when describing something and beware of people who won't provide specifics.
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