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Fake Presidential Seal

FAKE News!

Here's real Fake News. Huh? Those who vet the graphics that appear behind the President, or used to, let one slip recently when the President was on stage with a giant slide of the Presidential Seal behind him. It wasn’t the Presidential Seal but a FAKE that contained a wad of cash, double eagle heads in the style of the Russian state symbol, golf clubs and a motto that says “45 is a puppet.” Whatever you think about the President, it is laughable. Learn more… 

The Mueller report

The Mueller report

Part of special counsel Mueller’s mission was about finding facts on Russia's disinformation campaign. The Mueller report concludes that Russia’s interference in the election was “sweeping and systematic.” It was information warfare against America's democracy.

It is a daunting document that should be read by anyone who wants to talk about the investigation or reference the so called "witch hunt." Read and search it here.

To be sure, this investigation was not without criminal findings. The special counsel indicted, convicted or got guilty pleas from 34 people—seven U.S. nationals, 26 Russian nationals, and one Dutch national—including top advisers to President Trump, and three Russian organizations. Two additional individuals were charged as a result of referrals to other FBI offices.  Learn more...

Medicare for All

Medicare for All could save America $2 trillion over a 10-year period

A free-market think tank published an analysis of Sen. Bernie Sanders’ single-payer health care plan that concluded the plan would save the American people $2 trillion over a 10-year period, OR national health expenditures would increase by $3.252 trillion compared to current law - a number that is often left out of stories on this Koch brothers funded report. Learn more...

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