In 2018 the living will connect in a new way.

In 2018 the living will have a unique means of expression.

In 2018 the living will all be neighbors.

In 2018 the living will show empathy and not emoji's.

In 2018 the living will bridge, "Help!" with, "Let Me Help."



































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Plex allows you to BE media. Drop cable and have all of your media at your fingertips, literally in the palm of your hand, on virtually any device, with PLEX. Access YOUR movies, live TV, music, photos, and other media on your own server or a remote cloud server. PLEX offers easy storage, DVR, sharing, remote control of devices, great layout and recognition tools, news and entertainment services, access anywhere and on any TV. Thanks to all PLEX early adopters, creative team, investors and horrible cable companies for facilitating PLEX growth and development. You may wonder how I know this.

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Bill Gates announced that he's now using an Android phone because Windows on mobile has effectively been a dead platform since Microsoft gutted its phone division two years ago. Microsoft employees surely had reasons to use the product but unfortunate and shortsighted developers are the real losers for supporting a lame horse out of the gate(s). It illustrates that an uninspired, mediocre, lack of creativity is as lifeless and sad as a thorny, rotten, shriveled up rose. Lack of creativity, limited skills, impulsiveness to quit, angry condescension, conceit, and no backup plans leads to failure. Positive, charismatic, creative, inclusive, original ideas, developed with courtesy, efficiency and social necessity will be called “brilliant,” and thrive. You may wonder how I know this.