In 2018 the living will connect in a new way.

In 2018 the living will have a unique means of expression.

In 2018 the living will all be neighbors.

In 2018 the living will show empathy and not emoji's.

In 2018 the living will bridge, "Help!" with, "Let Me Help."




















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Good for all who are adopting Google’s Flutter for cross-platform development which allows an app to feel just like a native app on both Android and iOS platforms. The Flutter team built a whole separation compiler just for development. While finished package apps get Ahead of Time (AoT) compiled with a lengthy compile time, there's a JiT (Just in Time) compiler that is super fast. Use of the Dart language allows for a "hot reload" developer cycle, where many code changes can be seen instantly, live in the emulator. Flutter has plugins for popular developer tools like IntelliJ, Android Studio, and Visual Studio Code.  As with Windows Phone and countless other upstart OSes, the key problem with getting a new OS off the ground is building an app ecosystem. That lesson has been learned, those upstarts and their ignorant lemmings thrown to the curb. With everyone developing on a cross-platform SDK, and any new OS a target for that SDK, the new OS starts with advantages.